1. I do not think it fair to raise this issue at this time especially when some here may have been included in that event which occurred some years ago. To this day, I have some who hate my guts for keeping this issue alive and for a long time. So, to bring this up in the middle of this saga is not all fair.. If the truth be told some in this struggle to save WPFW could well be implicated…

    In as much as I would say, let the chips fall where they may, this issue has to separated from our current GM

  2. This has also happenned at WGBH Boston. All jazz programming has been cut and replaced by syndicated NPR talks shows. This is more than a local trend.This is happening across the country.

    • I find it significant that they (whoever they are) want to change WPFW because it is not as good as other stations. Isn’t that what Hughes is saying. Get a better audience, blah blah blah. But if WPFW could attract a million dollar pledge, that is pretty extraordinary.

  3. Can somebody tell us what happened to the money that WPFW made from the 30th Gala? What happened to the remainder of the 1 Million pledged that was to be used toward relocation? Monies are missing and nobody is saying anything. ROBERT WEST handles the spending for WPFW! Maybe its high time for the FCC and the Justice Department to get involved. SOMEBODY KNOWS WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED.

    • That is the question to ask on Tuesday. Hughes must know. It is very serious. It could explain the series of interim managers since the Gala. What better way to keep people from the truth than to keep changing leadership. Hughes must explain this immediately.

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