3 comments on “We’re Going To Do What We Want To Do!

  1. I heard that show & knew right away that something wasn’t right about it. I purpose a serious occupy the station day/ week. The msg of reality isn’t going anywhere, we can not rest until there is a peace order barring John Hughes from the station. lawyers need to be involved @ this point……

  2. Pete Tucker tries to pretend he is neutral but he is controlled. I hope people listening were paying attention. They should NOT be voted in again.

  3. The nonsense has no end! I have some questions. You refer to Pacifica’s bylaws. Does WPFW itself have separate bylaws, or is it governed by Pacifica’s? And, is there some way we can get a copy of them? Are they posted anywhere? If they aren’t posted, then I think they ought to be so we can all become fluent in them. That would surely come in handy in these circumstances! Thanks!

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