2 comments on “Two Upcoming Meetings–Jan. 30, Emergency Station Board Meeting to Address WPFW Management Crisis…Feb. 2, Community Meeting, PROGRESS REPORT: “TWO MONTHS AFTER THE CRISIS”

  1. I love the new daytime talk programming (Democracy Now, Community Watch, Sheila Live and all of the others). I recently discovered the change – and this is why I started listening to WPFW again.
    I love some of the jazz and other music programs that WPFW presents in the evenings, and G-Strings on Sunday mornings is a favorite. But it is the talk programs that have reconnected me to the station. They help me connect with the greater community and also subcultures and communities about which I know too little. As I type this I am listening to interviews of criminal justice workers on Sheila Live, and I am enthralled.
    I was never able to listen to Democracy Now until WPFW implemented this new programming and schedule. It would be so frustrating to lose it after having just found it.
    I am glad to see that there is plenty of jazz and music programming on the weekend.
    But please KEEP THE NEW PROGRAMMING (talk programs). We need programming like this and WPFW is the only station that provides it.
    You will gain a new and loyal, contributing listener if you do.
    All the best, Diana McFadden, Greenbelt, MD

    • Diana, you didn’t mention Josephine Reed. John Hughes cancelled her excellent program but it was reinstated (along with other important programs) after people rebelled.

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