11 comments on “ODD BEDFELLOWS!

  1. Look it’s real simple. Even a bad speller like me can figure this out! We are being set up! It’s time to call the other stations and talk to their news departments and station managers. If they can get over on WPFW they can get over abywhere. Call 510-848-6767 for kpfa or 510 848 4425 for on air and 818 985-2711 for kpft and 713-526-400 for Houston and finally 510-849-2950 for PACIFICA. Ask to speas to the news department and the station managers tell them whaat’s going on. Tell them this deal could affect them. Also tell them that now as this fund drive is going on WPFW is using a call center,where calls are being “rolled over” when the lines are “Full” . In fact the calls are being “rolled over” because there is no one at the station to answer the calls. Why? Could it be that no one wants to help a station that has gone down the tubes so badly? We must let our sister stations know WPFW has money to pay a”Roll over” call center- I know I asked the person who took my call were they getting paid. THEY SAID YES BUT THEY WOULDN’T SAY BY WHO. THEY ALSO SAID THE CALL CENTER WAS IN SILVER SPRING! HMM”SOmething’s going on but I don’t know what it is” Al Kooper

    • Also call 917-580-6020 for WBAI call at least three times a day. Be polite and use your indoor voice!

  2. Is there actual proof that Clear Channel is going to take over the station? Leasing office space is one thing and actually controlling the programming of PFW is another. I don’t think the latter will happen in my humble opinion. I do agree it is a weird combination of to different business models.

      • Yeah and the camel only wanted a little space for his nose in the tent of the traveler!

    • Clean Channel apparently required Hughes to be the station manager. That is why he has not left. If he left, things would settle easier. That was the word at the beginning of negotiations, that Hughes had to be station manager. Step one.

      • Tony Norman had said so in the early negotiations, people didn’t like it one bit. No more was said about it but he is still here, isn’t he? And it is affecting fundraising. Why is he still here with so much energy against him. It would go a long way towards healing for him to bow out but he comes on the air, droning on as if entitled. Meanwhile, management of the station is a mess. They still haven’t sent out the 2012 tax statements. He does not earn his pay.

  3. 19000 a month? Say it isn’t so? How much are they paying now? How much time do they have in the old building?

  4. This needs to be un-done pronto. While I love the programming, mostly, I support the mission, completely. However, management, maybe bylaws have to be completely changed. That a binding contract committing supporters’ donations to something as anti-wpfw-mission as Clear Channel is unacceptable. That Clear Channel folks are getting one red cent of my money is unacceptable to the point that I don’t think I can support this. I want WPFW to get some radio-savvy entrepreneurs to strategize a virtual radio-station. $19k/mo on rent is unacceptable.

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