5 comments on “Stonewall the listeners…

  1. I listened to the end of today’s show and wondered “Why is Hughes still involved in station business? ” He still talks about fundraising. Listeners will not donate while he has anything to do with WPFW. He needs to go away.

    • We were told that the last fund raising showed that we can do it. What? I heard Gloria M. state on the air that they were $35,000 short and could people still give on-line or whatever. The whole scene this morning was a circus. I’m so saddened by the gatekeepers. They know how to waste air time.

  2. I also called in this morning. After understandably getting the Busy signal for about 15 minutes because so many listeners want to register their opposition to the relocation to the Clear Channel site in Silver Spring after 36 years in Washington, DC, I finally got to speak with a woman answering the phones. At first, we had a poor connection but when I almost shouted, she said she could hear me and I was placed on a ‘stack’ at approximately 10:35. But some ten minutes later at 10:47, the line was cut. I called back twice but never got an answer. I understand that Nightwolf had a similar experience as well.

    One could say so much about what was said predictably by John Hughes, Tony Norman and Pete Tucker. But when Tony Norman started railing at us in the community who oppose the move to the Clear Channel site and who are calling for the firing of John Hughes and accused us of “whining”, he abruptly started his own whining by saying we are collectively “throwing rocks at WPFW”. Norman then went over the top and said “We will take over Clear Channel”; we then actually heard John Hughes laugh at that buffoonery.

    One after the other, the three of them fell back again on the line that this is only a sub-lease and that Clear Channel would have no way to control what would air on the station. They consciously steer clear of the ugly historical precedent of what Clear Channel did just after 9/11 when they drew up a list of 165 (and later added 200 more) songs that they forbad their 900+ stations from including on their playlists. These included The Dixie Chicks, Guns ‘n Roses, Bob Dylan, even “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

    • I could not get through either. Held on line for as long as I could before going back to work. Maybe they know to keep certain names off the air. Norman was insulting to all of us. They give no answers as to why Hughes is still running the show. And you heard the one caller get cut off. I don’t support WPFW to be censored. We have legitimate questions and concerns. I’m still burning mad about this morning.

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