3 comments on “Friday, April 12th in Judge’s chambers.

  1. You actually got Summer Reese to show up? That is the first I’ve heard of her responding to anything even though not a real response.

    • Reese is probably trying to court WPFW folks because she wants to maintain control on Pacifica’s board against those calling for her head: that is, most of the KPFA, KPFK and some of the WBAI delegates. She and Tracy Rosenberg have made a horrible mess of the network and should be outta there. They have no interest in Pacifica’s health, only their own egos.

  2. FYI.

    NPR is moving this week to its new location. If anyone at PFW knows someone there, it might be useful to observe/help out or get someone from NPR who is involved in the move to “consult” w PFW on Best Practices for Moving a Radio Station. I’m sure there are lessons to be learned there. I will email my contacts there to ask for at least a Best Practices type document for moving a radio station, and if one exists or gets produced, I will share it with PFW.


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