Shake Up At Pacifica

From Embattled Pacifica director to exit immediately
August 17, 2012
By Elizabeth Jensen

The financially troubled Pacifica Foundation has new interim leadership following an Aug. 16 vote by its national board to immediately replace Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt.

Board chair Summer Reese said in a brief telephone interview Friday that she will step into the post as interim executive director of the radio network, which has been grappling with a financial crisis in the wake of a recent auditor’s report questioning its future prospects. Reese said the transition, which will take two weeks, is being “handled amicably.” She said Engelhardt was not fired, but declined to elaborate on the board’s actions or how the transition came about.

The board previously voted in July to begin a search for a new executive director and a new chief financial officer, but had indicated that Engelhardt and current chief financial officer LaVarn Williams would finish out their contracts, which run through Nov. 30. Both women were also invited to reapply for their jobs. Reese said the board took no additional action at its Aug. 16 meeting regarding Williams.

System-wide budget cuts that Engelhardt had ordered remain on hold during the transition period, Reese said.

Engelhardt could not immediately be reached for comment.


8 comments on “Shake Up At Pacifica


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    Indigenous Peoples

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  2. Resist..Resist..Resist! Organize..Organize..Organize!! Continue to use your voices to speak out. BUT…… ALSO
    If this is OUR radio station then WPFW Listeners and Supporters are Responsible and Must Lead through Action. Speak truth to power with Your Feet! SHOW UP..SHOW UP…SHOW UP!
    Saturday, December 1 @ 11 am at WPFW radio station.
    WALK WITH WPFW Programmers into the station when they meet with WPFW management.
    STAND in Solidarity with Programmers against union violations, unfair labor practices AND demand: transparency and an accounting; a guaranteed program grid with air time and space that restores and increases jazz, justice, more progressive and left agendas ; and, new and professional management that respects workers, complies with legal mandates and is community-friendly and responsive!

  3. Please let me know what I can do as a listener supporter of WPFW in response to the events that have occurred over the past few days with the removal of so many long-time programmers.

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