Summer Reese, Pacifica
Tony Norman, LSB
Dear Summer,We, the undersigned members and supporters of WPFW, take strong opposition to the radical program changes implemented on December 3rd by G.M. John Hughes which are in direct violation
of Article 7 of the Pacifica Bylaws requiring that such changes be made in ‘ a fair, collaborative and respectful manner.’Hughes completely disregarded the carefully worded dictates of the Bylaws and instead summarily
and haphazardly removed programming from our airwaves without any input whatsoever from the LSB, programmers impacted by the changes or ordinary station supporters. Moreover his reckless actions were ill timed, conducted just one week ahead of the station’s Winter Mini Fund Drive and could likely result in yet another failed fund drive when our station (and the network) can least afford it. As members of the local WPFW community we are outraged by what we view as arrogant, insensitive, out of touch actions on the part of John Hughes.Shamefully, Hughes’ management style qualifies him as an anti-labor manager and he’s come under fire from union officials with the SAG/AFTRA union representing workers at WPFW. On Nov. 30th AFTRA filed a grievance against Hughes with the American Arbitration Association for raises owed WPFW staff since 2011. In addition, the union filed an unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB for Hughes’ failure to provide documentation about the station’s financial status.

This blatant disrespect of our programmers, the staff and our listeners is only the latest blow we’ve endured from Hughes. As of this writing, with less than four weeks to go before our lease expires, Hughes has yet to ink a deal for our relocation. His fiscal mismanagement has fatigued the audience bombarding it with fund drives nearly every two months.
Summer, we share your vision for a strong, progressive Pacifica station in Washington, DC. While we know some changes are needed, we insist on nothing less than democracy, transparency and respect during that process, which will result in the restoration of our programming and the removal of John Hughes. We look forward to your response.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated,

[Your name]



2 comments on “NEW PETITION!

  1. People, support and fight for this very unique, American station….It is the voice of the people, their many, many listeners. This station is the glue that continues bringing all of our many peoples together, together, together thru pleasurable, American music which is unique and universal.

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