Protest Pledges


During the fund drive, call and make a protest/conditional pledge saying that you will not fulfill your pledge until the programming is restored and John Hughes is removed. Then post your name, amount of pledge and comment here. Thanks! Fellow Concerned Members and Supporters of WPFW.



19 comments on “Protest Pledges

  1. E-mail of MON 2-18-2013, 2:33 a.m.

    Ms. Summer Reese
    Interim Executive Director
    The Pacifica Foundation

    Dear Ms. Reese:

    Yesterday I pledged Thirty-five Dollars ($35.00) to WPFW, albeit under protest, to help kick start the winter fundraising campaign. I did so after noting that several of my favorite music programs were restored to their original time slots.
    This was very good news, indeed.

    There are still, however, a couple of glaring omissions on the station’s week-end roster. I await the return of “The ‘Bama Hour,” featuring Chris DeProperty. Given the fine track record of WPFW in celebrating this uniquely American music, and given the paucity of the same on our public airwaves in general, why can’t the station restore this show? With an experienced, subject-matter expert like Chris available as a resource, what exactly is the problem? I suggest you assign her a new, two-hour time slot, and let her offer us, once again, her rich buffet of traditional and new blues music. A decision to do so, along with restoring the Brazilian music programming, would make this supporter deliriously happy.

    What say you?

    / s /
    D. Cassandra Fletcher, Ph.D.

  2. Ms. Summer Reese
    Interim Executive Director
    The Pacifica Foundation

    Dear Ms. Reese:

    I support the community, staff, and LSB efforts to resolve the ongoing programming crisis at WPFW-FM. The LSB has voted: (1) to restore the program schedule altered so precipitously, and without sufficient consultation; and (2) to terminate John Hughes, as General Manager.

    I understand that the WPFW community of listeners, supporters, employees, and volunteers will be asked to lend their support to a major fund drive, starting later this month. As always, I am ready do my part. As a member, however, I am now reluctant to contribute more money to the station because the present crisis remains unresolved.

    Given that no action has been taken, in accordance with the votes of the newly elected LSB, and the problems which resulted in these votes continue, I have decided to withhold both my December 2012 PLEDGE PROMISE in the amount of $35.00, and my planned contribution of $35.00 for the February 2013 pledge drive.

    When I feel certain that you and WPFW management have taken the advice of the LSB, have fully addressed the grievances of listeners and programmers, and have taken verifiable steps to save our station, only then will I deliver my PLEDGE PROMISES to WPFW in the total amount of Seventy Dollars ($70.00).

    I regret that it has come to this.


    / s /

    D. Cassandra Fletcher, Ph.D.

  3. I am a long standing listener, volunteer, supporter, having first made it a daily all day on station since 1978. It has been my understanding all this time that our mission statement required that programming on WPFW be principally a mix of jazz, Third World music, news and public affairs and that, Jazz, a major American art form which grows from the African-American experience, will be the major music programming. WPFW will act as archivist, educator, and entertainer on behalf of this under served national cultural resource.
    It seems that every four years or so Pacifica attempts to impose a talk format on this station and delegate jazz to a lower level of priority. This may no longer be “Chocolate City” and jazz may not yet be the money magnet it one day will become, but it is our commitment and should occupy the prime time if we are to expand the appreciation of this art form.
    WPFW has attracted the most knowledgeable, dedicated, serious collectors and connoisseurs in each genera of this music and allowed them to share their music with the general public and our youth – what an education!
    What a respite from this world of “wars and rumors of wars” – what a spiritual support for peace and love supreme.
    I have been impressed by the information and history made available from Pacifica files and look forward to being exposed to more selective presentations mixed into the schedule.
    But, not while I am driving to work or home in hostile traffic when what I need is the soothing non-distracting peace of mind that jazz brings.
    I will again gladly offer my increased sponsorship on a continuous level when programming is scheduled to return to a jazz format that mirrors our mandate.
    The other stipulation in my return relates to the removal of your newly appointed Station Manager, John Hughes, who has turned out to be the crudest, cold-natured, ill mannered, arrogant manager ever to run WPFW.
    The manner I which he conducted his notice to programers displayed either total disrespect for staff and listeners or his intention to take the station off the air waves – or maybe both, either way – he must be removed.
    I only know that I, as a listener/volunteer was insulted by finding out (after the fact) that my listening habits had been abruptly changed – unilaterally by one person.
    That’s irresponsible, trifling, arrogant -unworthy of my support.
    I will gladly return support to this my favorite station when the station has fulfilled those two tasks.
    Kalonji Tor Olusegun
    (pka) Vincent Roy Godwin

  4. I have one question…why hasn’t John Hughes does is job…why isn’t WPFW in it new home with appropriate equipement upgrades and training arranged for programmers; why is there not a serious benefits package for the staff; why hasn’t there been an attempt to do serious estate and trust solicitation; and why have you not solicited underwriting from local small business folks who have an affinity with the WPFW audience; why haven’t you solicited development resources and assistance from the small but potent alternative progressive social justice foundations. WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE YOUR JOB!!!!

    • it would be nice to be able to edit a comment: Why hasn’t John Hughes do his job?…”why isn’t WPFW in its new home …”

  5. We have called in several “conditional” pledges totaling about $300 over the past several days, pledges which we will gladly honor when the original programming has been restored and John Hughes has either resigned or been removed. I must add, however, that we were most distressed to learn that one of our favorite programmers, Donny McKethan, appears to be allied with the current management. His Sunday show, the American Songbook, was one that we rarely missed and always supported. I am saddened that this situation at PFW has been so divisive.

  6. WPFW was aired to support the listeneing, understanding, education, promotion, and enjoyment of America’s original classical music, Jazz and alternative information. It has been satisfying that mission since 1977 and is an art form necessary to the survival of human values around the world, Every week its musical format starts off with African music, the mother of jazz, at midnight Saturday with African Rhythms and Extentions and continues through to Reggie music covering all the geners thoughout the week. All thIS station can and must do, is get better and the changes have to be in that direction, with love and respect for the music and those that share it with us and the world.

    • I am a sustaining member and will increase my pledge from $20 to $25 as soon as programmming is restored and John Hughes is removed. I forgot to include this information.

  7. Sent on 08-DEC-12 @ approximately 0640 hrs to Ms. Jordan with cc: John Hughes; WPFW LSB; Summer Reese; and Pacifica National Board

    Good day Ms. Jordan:

    I am making a protest pledge of support for the current fundraising drive. My pledge is $X,XXX (withheld for personal reasons) and will only be honored upon the restoration of all of the removed programmers/programs “AND” the resignation or removal of Mr. John Hughes as General Manager. Once these two conditions are met, my pledge will be honored and charged to my AmEx account.

    As you are aware, my past pledges of support have been for the overall programming, equipment and building fund at WPFW instead of for specific programs/programming. As a community radio station, there are programs that are not of my particular interest or liking. The same is true of my neighborhood, which is Columbia Heights: there are neighbors, especially those who have relocated here as a direct result of gentrification, for whom I have no interest or liking. However, this does not stop me from being civil to them and respectful of their freedom to live their lives. And, I have no intentions of moving from my home in protest.

    I will continue to be a Listener/Supporter of WPFW and expect the same courtesies of civility, respect and transparency in conducting the affairs of my community radio station.


    K. R. Taylor, Jr.
    Listener and active Supporter

    • The following was sent on today at approximately 2130 hrs to John Hughes with cc: PNB, Summer Reese, LSB, and Ms. Jordan (I thought it appropriate to reiterate my point after listening to the current program grid for the seven days it covered).

      Dear Mr. Hughes:

      After a bit of research, it was revealed that a few programmers have moved to other radio stations. Consequently, there is no way that the former program grid can be restored with programmers who may no longer be available. My request for program restoration is amended to reflect the return of those programmers who are available.

      So that my concerns are clearly understood, it is not “change” of the program schedule grid that left me troubled and wanting action. It was the manner in which the change was effected and programmers and staff advised. I know and understand that change is inevitable for a myriad of reasons. And, I am becoming more aware of your management style, which appears to be a style I experienced when I was in corporate America several years ago. Quite frankly, such management styles as yours is one that is not structured on integrity, honesty, respect, fairness and civility. These are values that I practice and expect from family, friends, associates and colleagues. In that I am a financial supporter of WPFW and a part of this community radio family, I expect the same from management and staff, no matter at what capacity they serve.

      At this point, I can only wait to see what transpires within the next weeks. Where we are in finding a new location as well as a finalized programming schedule grid will be telling in January 2013. At this juncture for me, I will withhold commenting on the current schedule, but say that if there are any programmers who were displaced that can return to the air, they should be allowed to do so! And it is counter productive for me to “blast” programs and programmers that remain because I do not care for them, other than those syndicated programs that replaced talk and music. I will continue to be an active Supporter of WPFW; however, my support at this immediate time is with condition.

      I understand that you cannot please everyone with everything. However, you can be most affective to the WPFW family by tendering your resignation or allowing the Pacifica National Board to remove you as general manager. You have irreparably destroyed any confidence in your management of WPFW. Anything now is too little too late.


      K R Taylor, Jr.
      Listener/Active Supporter

  8. I just made another protest-pledge for $100 on the Ida Cambell show (while John Hughes crawled into the studio).

    Alas, while they read my name on the air, No Mention of my Protest was made on the air?!?! I called back and complained… but I’m still waiting…

    1) bring back our local content, the “grid”
    2) get John Hughes out

    Stop Hurting our Community!

    • I heard that pledge and wondered if it was a protest. They can spin it however they want. I won’t be calling at all because of that. Hughes sounded nervous. He knows he is outnumbered.

    • I made an anonymous $100 protest pledge at approximately 7:45 this morning during the slot where Lona Alias hosted “The Spirit of Jazz” which was being hosted today by Yolanda Turner. I am so very proud of my WPFW programmers, listeners and supporters who have maintained this effort to bring about positive change to our station, and pray our continued success.

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